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“Miami” it the top debut in next weeks DJ Times National Dance / Crossover chart (#19 5/15/18) and Billboards greatest gainer (50 to 38 bullet) 5/12/18.

Here are the rest of the mixes, compliments of DJ Times, DME and Radikal Records!

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04_Manuel Riva – Miami (feat. Alexandra Stan) [Hauz Brothers Radio Edit]

05_Manuel Riva – Miami (feat. Alexandra Stan) [Gabriel M Remix]

06_Manuel Riva – Miami (feat. Alexandra Stan) [Cristian Poow Radio Mix]

09_Manuel Riva – Miami (feat. Alexandra Stan) [Hauz Brothers Remix]

10_Manuel Riva – Miami (feat. Alexandra Stan) [Cristian Poow Club Mix]


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More about Manuel Riva:
W W W . M A N U E L R I V A . C O M

2,300+ E – M A I L S U B S C R I B E R S

4,200,000+ M U S I C S T R E A M S
4 0 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 + Y O U T U B E P L A Y S

O V E R 1 4 T R A C K S & 1 4 R E M I X E S I N 2 Y E A R S




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