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After finding himself in the news after a series of unfortunate events which included canceling dates in the United States, Billy Kenny finds himself all over the blogosphere once again following the release of his The Grind EP.

Stay true to his signature style of hypnotizing techno, “The Grind” serves as a booming prophetic anthem while “Trippy” is a psychotropic ball of energy bred to set fire to the dancefloor.

“I hope you lot enjoy these records as much as I did making them! Had cabin fever after cancelling those U.S. shows and these were the first one’s I finished off. The titles are somewhat reflective of my situation right now since the Trip to Europe and back got me in trouble and now I’m Grinding over here!” said Kenny.

“Other than the female saying “trip” in Trippy, which is actually my girlfriend, all the vocals are my own. This is the beginning of what I’d like to call a slightly more mature direction in my sound.”

Stream Kenny’s new EP below!

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