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It has been about two years since the “Calabria” hitmaker Kölsch took the next big step of his storied career launching his own label IPSO with Kompakt Records unveiling collaborations with Michael Mayer coming in the form of “DOGMA 1 & 2.” While this was the only release we’ve received from the IPSO label, the Danish producer is bringing it back in a big way as we enter summer 2018 with a new collaboration with the one and only Tiga.

Partnering with another techno titan, “HAL” is a riveting production driven by enthralling vocal samples that serve as the first single off the forthcoming IPSO 002 EP.

“About a year ago I launched my label IPSO. First release was a collab with Michael Mayer. We made Dogma 1 and 2, and the tracks have been in heavy rotation ever since. I remember a magical morning at Panorama Bar where we played Dogma 1. It was one of those moments we all live for, where everything fell in place. Magical,” said Kölsch. “This summer IPSO 002 is released and this time it’s a collab with none other than Tiga. We spent a couple of great days in my Copenhagen Studio, and I’m really proud of what we came up with.
This is the first track “HAL” from the forthcoming IPSO 002 E.P.”

Stream “HAL” below.

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