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New York nightlife legend Ladyfag is celebrating Pride Weekend in a big way this year by throwing her first annual queer music festival: Ladyland.

Taking over the Brooklyn Mirage on Friday, June 22, Ladyland is an outdoor celebration of queer music and the fans who heat up its dancefloors. For the inaugural event, Ladyfag has enlisted a grab-bag of live performers and DJs, with international talent complementing some NYC favorites.

Expect eclectic music from the artists like Eve, JD Samson, Kim Petras, and SSION, as well as some wildly opulent looks from the fest’s clientele. Make sure to break out your smuttiest lip color, spiked collar, nun’s habit, or anything other #lewk that will survive your day-to-night-to-morning bender and appropriately kick off NYC Pride weekend.

The whole lineup is pretty great, but here are a few of our favorite artists to check out this weekend.

DJ Minx
Undeniably one of Detroit’s best talents, DJ Minx is one of Ladyland’s non-negotiable must-sees. Throwing down energetic house workouts each and every time she takes to the decks, the Women On Wax founder blends club classics with fresh releases for sets that showcase her mastery of keeping crowds on their toes. She’s a perfect fit for the breezy early summer vibe, so grab a drink and get on the floor.

Michael Magnan
If you frequent the NYC queer party circuit in any capacity, chances are you’ve experienced Michael Magnan’s bouncy house grooves at some point. Both on his own and as one-half of Fatherhood (with Physical Therapy), Magnan is a force in the booth and the studio. Most recently a resident at both 11:11 and Battle Hymn parties, Magnan’s a perfect pick to check out if you haven’t stepped onto a Ladyfag dancefloor yet.

Fresh off the release of her new LP OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES last week, SOPHIE is bringing her immersive live show back to NYC after a sold-out showing at Elsewhere this past winter.

After blowing up with hyperkinetic, future-facing pop mindfucks like “Bipp” and “Lemonade” (as well as productions for acts like Charli XCX and Vince Staples), the Los Angeles-based DJ/producer/general-icon has dropped a full-length that’s equal parts sonic mindtrip and personal narrative. The record’s soul-rumbling bass cuts “Ponyboy” and “Faceshopping” are already primed for a festival crowd, while the more ambient tracks like “Infatuation” are sure to benefit from the Mirage’s massive speaker offerings.

And it’s impossible to ignore what is arguably the 2018’s biggest banger about transhumanism: the cheer-squad-cum-PCP-trip “Immaterial.” This is definitely a headlining set to catch.

For those revelers looking for something a little more left of center, look no further than New York’s own Dicap. Consistently turning out adventurous mixes that touch upon rave, hip-hop, reggaeton, techno, and beyond, Anthony Dicap is always a dancefloor delight whether you’re catching him at the Spectrum, Rose Gold, or any other underground Brooklyn haunts.

Check out his Beefquake Pride mix from last year for an aural assault of blistering beats:

Stray thoughts:

Aquaria – We’ve been vacillating between being #TeamAsia and #TeamAquaria on a moment-to moment basis this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to be shaken to the absolute core by seeing the season’s look queen–and Ladyfag party regular–bring it to the Ladyland runway.
Eve – The forecast for Friday is clear with a 100% chance of us shaking our tambourines all the way to the ground.

King Princess – The video for “Talia” is still incredible and we’re very likely to shed a tear or 100 about someone we’ve never even dated when we hear the song live.

Mike Servito – It’s hard to overstate just how masterful the Brooklyn resident is, and we’ve tried. He’s never one to disappoint.

Buy your tickets to LadyLand here, and check out the Ladyland takeover of The Lot Radio below.


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