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Today is the big day, the once mysterious duo Midnight Kids have released their debut single, “Find Our Way” featuring klei, after taking the electronic dance community by storm with a bevy of striking remixes racking up over 15M+ total streams.

After revealing their identity to the world with the two masterminds behind the project being Kyle Girard and Dylan Lee, Kyle from his previous artist project Killabyte and Dylan being the son of Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, the newest chapter of Midnight Kids begins with their first original.

Similar to their majestic remixes, the duo continues to impress with another captivating production with klei’s soaring vocals resulting in a soothing beauty that is the perfect soundtrack to those summer nights you don’t want to end.

“Find Our Way” is sure to make quite the first impression on listeners with this being their debut single, the reign of the Midnight Kids has officially begun.

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