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The wait is finally over, Pioneer DJ has announced the long-awaited v1.5 update for their TORAIZ SP-16 sampler! Producers will now be able to make their productions even more creative using samples from various sources.

Pioneer DJ jas also announced a new update for the DJS-TSP Project Creator, which extends sample length to 64 seconds.

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How to use the live sampling feature:

Press [SHIFT] + [TRACK] to enter LIVE SAMPLING mode.

In LIVE SAMPLING mode, press a Performance Pad where no sample is loaded to instantly create a sample of a sound coming from an external source.

Record sounds from hardware, such as our professional monophonic analog synthesizer, the TORAIZ AS-1, in real time while automatically synchronising with sequence patterns in the TORAIZ SP-16. You can immediately loop, edit and use the sample directly in your music production process without assigning it to Performance Pads.

Live sampling helps make music creation more effortless thanks to the easy sampling of sounds from synths, various other types of equipment and even vinyl records.

Click here to download the TORAIZ SP-16 and DJS-TSP Project Creator firmware updates. We recommend that all users of the TORAIZ SP-16 and DJS-1000 update their firmware.

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