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Who is ready for the weekend? Mad Decent has just unveiled Born Dirty and Anna Lunoe club-ready, bold house tune “Badass” that is sure to give listeners all the confidence they need as they prepare to get there party on.

While Lunoe’s striking vocals give this epic collaboration a whole boatload of attitude, Born Dirty does what he does best laying out an infectious house beat drizzled with Austrialian wonder women’s signature flair. These two certainly know how to serve up some serious heat!

“It just basically encapsulates how I want people to feel: free, bold, spirited and enjoying the hell out of every moment they have on this planet” said Anna. “To me, my favorite tracks are the ones with a sense of humour about them. Yes they are bangers, but its light hearted – and that’s what is behind this track. Having a moment thinking you’re the shit,” Lunoe explains.

“I started playing Born Dirty on (my Beats1 Radio Show) HYPERHOUSE around early 2016 and he’s always made some of the most interesting house music. I invited him over one day we instantly hit it off. We actually started a few demos when I was pregnant, but it was too hard writing for me then, so we waited and re-approached it this year. It was a total team effort and I love how cheeky the track turned out.”

Be sure to add this “Badass” collaboration to your party playlist as we head into the weekend.

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