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London-based record label Wah Wah 45s is primed to drop a solid four-track remix package on vinyl and digital on July 27 with remixes of two solid Honeyfeet tracks: “Meet Me On The Corner” and “Sinner”.

The massively-talented Manchester-based band Honeyfeet’s “Meet Me On The Corner” is taken from their album Orange Whip, with two of the remixes (dub and vocal) on this club-ready, thumping EP coming in courtesy of funky house DJ/producers Crazy P. Known separately as Hot Toddy and Ron Basejam, Crazy P’s soulful disco remix struts its way over crisp acoustic beats and trademark live bass.

Our favorite remix comes from Russian producer I Gemin, though. His take is a pure house affair, rubbing away Crazy P’s harder edges of funk, introducing skittering jazzy keys, and chopping up the vocals in a way that takes the song into a more classic house realm.

As a bonus, the 12″ vinyl package features a remix of previously-released single “Sinner” by  Polish  producer Envee.

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