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Being one of the driving forces in bass music it since its inception in 2009, Circus Records continues to be one of the most forward-thinking imprints in the scene today.

Riding quite a bit of momentum as of late with a string of striking releases from up-and-coming talent and electronic icons from the likes of label founders lux Pavilion and Doctor P, Circus looks to shake things up with a new carefully curated compilation that goes by the name of Earwax.

Featuring new tracks from the label’s exciting roster in addition to ten previously released gems, this compilation serves as a musical journey showcasing Circus’ diversity spanning over almost a decade.

Flux explains in his own words, “A lot of people talk about music, it’s fascinating and powerful stuff, but for me, it’s to be listened to. I get tongue tied when I try to explain what it makes me feel because listening to music is purely like nothing else. We release a lot of music on Circus, most of it to be danced to, but all of it to be listened to. This album takes the focus away from the dancefloor and steers it towards the ears, listen to it from front to back and soak it up, that’s what it was made for.”

One of the hand-selected tracks that will be making an appearance on Earwax this Friday includes a blistering new tune from legendary Japanese DMC champion DJ Kentaro in collaboration with DJ Rafik and Yuto to bring us “Kinmirai,” a whimsical trap production that is quite colorful.

Take an exclusive first listen to “Kinmirai” below and keep an eye out for the Earwax compilation dropping Friday.

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