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There is no denying Tritonal has taken 2018 by storm with releasing a steady stream of successful releases including “Just Like You” featuring APEK, “Out My Mind” and “Horizon” with bass-elites Seven Lions and Kill The Noise in addition to hitting the road for their largest North American tour to date. Plus, the duo is celebrating 10 Years of Enhanced Music, quite the milestone for the storied label.

With so much going on for the two this year, DJ Times caught up with duo following their set at Utah’s Das Energi to get caught up to speed with everything Tritonal as the summer prepares to come to a close.

DJ Times: You guys teamed up with Seven Lions, and Kill The Noise for arguably one of the biggest collaborations of the year, “Horizon,” how did that track come together?

Chad – Hi guys! Thanks for having us on today! Ahhh, thanks a ton. Seven Lions and us go back quite a few years actually, we first had him remix a single from our very first Tritonal Album, a record titled “Still With Me”. He slayed it, and we’ve been fans and friends for years. We had actually written the music to another vocal first, and then sent it over to Haliene and Matt Steeper to see if they had any ideas, they sent back the top line that sits on it now! KTN came on a bit later, and took the record to that next level by adding the strong dubstep presence. Feel like the last Drum n Bass section is a culmination of all 3 artists styles, it’s sick!

DJ Times: Between constantly being on the road or working on new music as often as you can, how do you guys balance it all out without “burning out”?

Chad – Great question, and won’t sit here and act as if we’re not as susceptible as anyone else. The truth is we are. That said, neither of us drink or take any substances on tour, we try and get as much exercise and rest as we can in our down time, and practice meditation as well. I’ve been completely sober for over 12 years now, and that truly has helped keep me on track with the insane schedules we often have.

DJ Times: Walk us through a studio session with Chad and Dave.

Chad – Well, for the first 8 years of Tritonal it consisted of us both side by side in studio chairs switching back n forth at who was piloting the ship. Always in communication about where the ship was going obviously. Three years ago I had a baby daughter, and fast forward to today I also have one year old twin boys and Dave has a 2 year old son as well. As such, we both have shifted to working primarily from our home offices and laptops. Although we are in the process of building a state of the art studio in downtown Austin, it may be a little bit before we return to traveling to work. Important to provide our families as much support as we can.

DJ Times:How do you two prep for your festival sets?

Chad – A lot of all of our sets consists of Tritonal records, so much of it is just getting an idea of the arrangement and which mixes of those records we’re going to play If a record does make it into our set that is t our own, it has usually been played on our radio show, TRITONIA, and has managed to impress both of us!

DJ Times: What can fans expect from Tritonal in the near future?
Chad – New Tritonal full length Album, LETS GO!!

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