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As DJ Times celebrates its 30th anniversary – yes, issue #1 was published in late 1988 – we take a deep look back in time and present parts of the more memorable interviews we conducted over the past three decades.

But, in order to give the piece some form, we assembled it in such a way that spotlights some of the commonalities that each interview subject tackled. Not to say that there’s a particular template for DJ Times cover stories, but many of the same themes do tend to be discussed. After all, DJs – no matter what genres they spin or what level of fame they achieve – often share similar experiences.

So, we broke it down into six categories: Beginnings, Influences & Inspirations; Gear; DJing; Advice & Business; and Music & Legacy.

And with the help of our tech writer DJ Deets, we’ve also assembled a “DJ Gear Hall of Fame.” We hope you enjoy it all.

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