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After coming off an unforgettable 2018 releasing twenty new tracks between his two projects (Arty and ALPHA 9), Arty looks to pick up right where he left off with the release of his first original of the new year, “Save Me Tonight.”

Serving up another melodic masterpiece, his latest offering is a blissful and euphoric gem that is simply a ball of energy from start to finish.

“Since the day I was introduced to the dance scene, I’ve always had a special place for House music in my heart. This song’s mix of strong songwriting and deep lyrics makes this my favorite out of all the records I’ve ever made. It’s heavily influenced by the golden era of Progressive/House music, so it is a really uplifting track that utilizes a lot of old-school piano stabs and chords, but also has all kinds of other elements, like from ‘90s House music,” Arty explains.

Stream Arty’s latest beauty below.