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Phoenix, Ariz. – Since 1996, Relentless Beats has been a primary producer of electronic-music events in Arizona. But in more recent years, the Phoenix-based outfit essentially has conquered the desert playground, becoming one of the country’s top regional EDM promoter/producers.

Founded by Thomas Turner, a former raver who found his electronic-musical inspiration in the mid-’90s on a European vacation, Relentless Beats started with club and one-off events and eventually began to produce a series of major festivals. By 2018, Relentless Beats was producing over 200 events a year all over the state – in Phoenix and nearby Chandler (at the Rawhide Western Town and Event Center), but also in energetic college towns like Tempe, Tucson and Flagstaff.

Drawing the globe’s top DJ talent for Arizona fans, Relentless Beats-produced festivals have become major regional events and they cater to all electronic genres – house, trance, techno, bass, etc. Notable festival events include Decadence Arizona, Goldrush Music Festival, Phoenix Lights Music Festival, Crush Arizona, BOO! Arizona, and Wet Electric. Also, under its new RBDeep sub-brand, the company recently kicked off the ORIGINS festival, which (as the moniker implies) offers deeper electronic flavors.

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