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After having quite the memorable 2018 with the release of hit singles “Where’s My Love,” “Heaven (Don’t Have A Name),” “Just To Feel Alive” and “Down For Anything,” Sam Feldt looks to pick up right where he left off leading things off with his latest collaboration ith one of Europe’s most popular female voices, Kate Ryan.

This stunning beauty features a seamless blend of Ryan’s heavenly lush vocal offering and Feldt’s radiant production driven by delicately plucked guitar arpeggios and an uplifting chord progression.

“Growing up, I heard her songs on the radio and I also played them during my first “gigs” as a DJ. When I heard she was open to collaborating with me I immediately jumped on the opportunity and started working on the song, which turned out awesome but is very different and more indie compared to her previous tracks,” said Feldt. “All in all, I think ‘Gold’ blends the signature organic Sam Feldt sound perfectly together with Kate’s soothing and almost mystical vocals.”

Stream “Gold” below and enjoy!