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In celebration of a successful 2018, Relentless Beats has decided to above and beyond for the recap of their unforgettable New Year’s celebration Decadence Arizona joining forces with Phoenix-based Thrill Wave Productions to capture Decadence Arizona aiming to transport fans back into the momentous event.

In a very unique fashion, the Thrill Wave team used three separate editors to create the video as they saw Decadence Arizona through their own eyes and pulling it all together for one singular story giving those who tune in a live look in on how exactly Arizona got down for their biggest of the year.

“We wanted this act to break up the high energy pace of the first act and really slow things down,” says Thrill Wave and Act 02 editor Tony Swann. “People tend to get very in touch with themselves emotionally at big EDM shows, especially like Decadence for New Year’s Eve. There is a lot of energy, lot’s of good vibes, and people are having an experience. I think capturing all of this in slow motion gives the viewer a sense of depth and warmth,” explains Thrill Wave and Act 01 editor Javier Mejiava.

“The video suddenly slows down and you feel like you are having a moment in your head, which is much like being at the actual show. People chase moments and when that moment hits everything slows down and you bask in the euphoria.”

Check out this epic aftermovie for Decadence Arizona 2018 below.