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With there being no shortage of talent in the world of electronic dance music, DJ Times has started a new monthly series where we will showcase some of the finest up-and-coming artists who we’d like to consider in the on-deck circle because we believe they’re next up! In case you missed it, click here to check out our complete list dating back to November’s inaugural edition.

(For those who don’t know, the on-deck circle is a baseball term that refers to being next in line to bat.)



Already having been our radar for quite some time now being featured in our March issue last year (click here for full interview), DNMO continues to prove to be one of the most promising young guns in the world of electronic music. Still buzzing of the release of the lead single “Sick Of You” off his forthcoming EP, this UK native is about to make some serious waves throughout 2019.


Photo by Tessa Paisan

With the bass scene currently thriving, it’s had to ignore one of the hottest names in the game, PEEKABOO. Making a name for himself with his relentless, bone-rattling beats, the one who hails from Detroit is poised to be one of the true driving forces in the world of bass music.


Photo by Veta Visuals

For anyone looking for a fresh face in the world of infectious house music, Kendoll is one name to keep a close tab on going forward. Influenced the booming sounds of the UK, this Seattle born, LA residing talent looks to pump new life into the groovy bassline/garage house genre by playing by her own rules showcasing her production prowess with each and every release.



New York-based production duo MEMBA have been serving up electronic music that is propped up by a backbone of ancient world influenced rhythms for just about two years now and show no signs of slowing down. Hopping into the spotlight with their booming trap anthems, these two have proved to be a league of their own when it comes to production. The reign of MEMA has just begun!



Emerging onto the scene as a true remix maven putting his own spin on some of the biggest names in dance music such as Daft Punk and Knife Party, ATLAST has quickly proved he is much more than a one-trick pony. Already conquering the menacing realm of mid-tempo, this up-and-comer looks to showcase his versatility throughout 2019 and beyond.