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Now more than ever before, we’re starting to see electronic artist showcase that prowess as true musicians and the latest of this comes in the form of the Milwaukee-based producer Crystal Knives latest offering, “Stranded” featuring Ivish and Nathan Kay.

Making waves early on in the trap scene, he’s chosen to allow his sound to evolve tapping into his jazz musician roots showcasing his classical training in a refreshing fashion which his new single serving as quite the pop-tinged crossover.

“Stranded” opens with blaring horns courtesy of Nathan Kay leading into lofty vocals which tells the tale of parting ways with a toxic person finally reaching that breaking point.

“I like to put myself in weird, unfamiliar situations when it comes to songwriting. I loved the idea of putting myself, Ivish and Nathan together for a session because we all come from three very different worlds; Dance music, urban music and contemporary jazz,” Crystal Knives explains.

“We went into the session with no idea what was going to happen and had the entire song written less than six hours later, the energy in the room was electric and I really think that vibe shines through on the finished record.”

This is one infectious tune that will have you moving and grooving your way into the weekend. Stream “Stranded” exclusively below and be sure to grab your copy when it is officially released tomorrow.