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Mondays are never easy to get through especially after losing an hour of sleep thanks to daylight savings but Audien is here to help make things a little bit more enjoyable with this latest original.

The melodic mastermind has connected power sibling trio Echosmith for his latest euphoric anthem, “Favorite Sound.”

This booming, pop-orientated production is an uplifting powerhouse we’ve seen from Audien time and time again with empowering lead singer Sydney Sierota taking center stage of this blissful beauty.

“The goal behind ‘Favorite Sound’ was to create something super pretty and meaningful,” shares Audien. “The lyrics speak to us a lot right now, and I am glad we could put something out that is relevant to us currently. I always work on songs that I connect with but they typically come out so much later, but this song is literally brand new and I’m feeling it in a big way.”

Take a listen to “Favorite Sound” below and enjoy!