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Alpine, Calif.West Coast Weekender is right around the corner.  Set for May 2-6 at Viejas Casino & Resort just outside San Diego, the annual festival/conference will present DJ-industry seminars, exhibitors (like BPM Supreme and Roland), and a deep music lineup.

Among other house-music talents like Osunlade, Gene Farris and Doc Martin, New York-based DJ/producer Mr. V will be there – participating on the dais and from the DJ booth. On May 2, he’ll spin at the Weekender Welcome Party and then on May 4, he’ll sit on the panel “Art & House Music: As We Know It” (co-moderated by DJ Times). We recently connected with Mr. V (aka Victor Font) to discuss his career and WCW ’19.

Which DJ and producer most influenced you?

As a DJ, it was Louie Vega in 1994 when I got my first experience. His technical skill, music selection and vibe-setting was just unmatched to any DJ I ever experienced. As a producer, there were many, but it’s gotta be Masters At Work [Louie Vega and Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez], not only because I worked for them, but they were groundbreaking at the time of their introduction to my production life.

DJ culture has finally conquered America – a good thing?

It’s great. The upsides are that it’s easily accessible. The downside is that not everyone knows how to DJ.

Your DJ set-up?

I used to use Native Instruments Traktor software on a laptop. Now, I use SSD thumb drives [with Pioneer DJ gear] because it’s easy to move with and portable enough not to lose or forget.

And your studio set-up?

My DAW of choice is Logic Pro X. Why? Ease of use, ease of layout, large quantity of solid stock plug-ins and the price is perfect.

Advice for up-and-coming DJ/producers?

If you’re a producer, use YouTube to explore production how-to’s, learn the basics of productions, compressions, EQing, and limiting. There is a slew of great video content on YouTube that really helps you get started on exploring mixing. If you’re a DJ, go out and listen to your favorite DJs and see how they capture a crowd. Learn to incorporate your own skill after that experience, take pieces – but not all – of what you say and apply it to what you want to do and mold it to your own style.

What’s the next big project for you?

A monster collaboration with DJ/producer/remixer Huxley called “Piano Dance” – look out for it.

What should people expect from your performance at West Coast Weekender?

Great music and a unique vibe.