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Matrix and Futurebound have brought drum-n-bass out of dark and into living rooms across the U.K.

The duo – Jamie Quinn (Matrix) and Brendan Collins (Futurebound) – has had four Top-40 hits with its crossover-ready tunes that lend themselves to television appearances and BBC Radio 1 playlists.

Stateside, they put together hefty compilations for Bassrush annually and are set to bring “Matrix and Futurebound Present” to a club near you. And now, they’ve just released their second full-length album, Mystery Machine, through their labels Metro and Viper Recordings.

No affiliation with the cartoon Scooby Doo vehicle, Mystery Machine comes 12 years after Matrix and Futurebound’s first full-length, the standard bearing Universal Truth. Nonetheless, during that time, the two have released at least an album’s worth of songs.

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