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Over the past seven years, Desert Hearts has become one of North America’s most potent forces for underground shades of house and techno.

Making their presence felt throughout the electronic scene with their flagship festival, touring event concepts, and record label, the brand has managed to foster a community of avid music fans in search of peak dancefloor experiences.

With their events ranging from day time get-downs to the darkest hours just before daybreak, the Desert Hearts party never seems to stop.

Looking to continue their reign on the underground sound, the label has announced a newly founded subsidiary, Desert Hearts Black.

This label will serve as a creative outlet embodying the deeper and darker avenues of electronic music that stem from those otherworldly moments of early morning reflection.

Desert Hearts founder Marbs explained in his own words, “The primary intention of Desert Hearts Black is to open up more opportunities for the community to experience and participate in the late night and early morning music heard at the festival over the years. Currently, Desert Hearts Records has represented our house community to the fullest and we want to provide that same outlet for those in our family who enjoy heavier, darker, more journey driven sounds.

Someone special to me once said, ‘We can easily find our way in the light, but in the darkness is where we can truly discover who we are.’ Those moments of self discovery, especially within music, have shaped who we are and how we see the world around us. This project is aimed at creating immersive experiences, of both sound and setting, to take people deeper and reach into the far corners of the genres we love so much.”

The new label will debut a collaborative three-track release from Marbs, Rinzen, and Evan Casey, Torus’ EP which is set to be released August 9th.