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OK, DJs — admit it: You’ve definitely wondered what it was like to spin in a gentlemen’s club.

But, once you get past the skimpy outfits, the lights and lap dances, the truth of the matter is that DJ work in these clubs can be very rewarding.

For instance, did you know that adult-club DJs have the longest-lasting jobs in the DJ business? Did you know adult-club DJs can make anywhere from $150 to $1,000+ per night, depending upon certain factors. Did you know your deck skills are almost a non-factor in the audition process? And did you know that certain clubs actually offer healthcare insurance and real salaries. And there’s more

At DJ Expo — set for Aug. 12-15 at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, N.J. — we’ll present “Finding Success as a DJ in the Gentleman’s Club Business,” a seminar panel that will give you the straight dope on this sexy and potentially lucrative market.

With our panel of seasoned experts, like moderator Phil Turnipseed (a longtime DJ Times contributor), we will reveal the ways and means of becoming a successful DJ in the adult-club business. We’ll show you how to you run your own business and build your brand! We’ll even give you an opportunity to get on the mic, showcase your MC skills and let our panelists offer their professional advice!

There’s a market of work out there that’s waiting for you. Seize the moment! Find your success as an adult club DJ!

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