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It’s that time of the year already folks; it’s officially Splash House season!

Taking over its iconic Palm Springs venues The Renaissance, Riviera, Saguaro Hotels, and the Palm Springs Air Museum this weekend, Dom Dolla looks to get the party started ahead of schedule unveiling his “Road To Splash House” playlist.

“The last time I performed at Splash house was one of my first US show appearances… I’d never seen a pool party like it back home in Australia, absolutely wild. One of my favourite experiences was watching the RÜFÜS guys close out the air museum in the evening. Naturally, I’m pretty excited to be given the chance to test that stage out myself this year,” Dom Dolla explains.

“This playlist is a combination of new tunes that have snuck into my sets of late, as well as some all-time faves that refuse to leave my playlists. Not all would make it into my DJ sets, but hopefully, it gives you an idea of what’s getting me out of the house and onto the dance floor at the moment.”

Whether you’ll be soaking up the sun this weekend at the Splash House extravaganza or looking for your go-to playlist for getting the party started throughout the summer, this 17-track barrage is exactly what you need.

The blossoming Australian talent even took to breakdown why he selected this handful of tunes, check out his complete playlist below!

Dom Dolla – Take It: “I put the bones of this tune together in a hotel room while road tripping between gigs in Arizona earlier this year, feeling heavily inspired by the west coast club audiences I was playing to. The vocals were written and recorded while sick in bed, using my tour manager’s iPhone earbud microphone and a duvet as my vocal booth. At the time I had planned on replacing my recording with a cleaner take when I got home to Australia, but was never able to recreate something I liked as much, so it stayed! It’s been slaying it for me ever since.”

Serge Devant – Fearing love: “Having a lead vocal over the drop rarely works as a club focused record but somehow it works with this record, what a hook. The sustained bassline is so simple yet so satisfying. Definitely an all-time favourite. The delayed guitars give it some nice pepper on top too.”

Camelphat – NYP2: “I’ve been using this track as a set closer at a few shows recently. The swift little bassline behind the filtered disco sample really creates a euphoric moment on the dance floor. Great rekkid, shout out to the camels! Nice one boys.”

Dennis Cruz – Wicked: “Dennis has such a recognizable sound and I’m loving his releases more and more as time goes on. Low end rolling groove combined with intricate percussion elements that just make you think “oof” every few bars. Is that a vocal sample of Idris Elba in there too? So sick. Excited to catch one of Dennis’ shows sometime soon.”