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Looking to continue to make a lasting impression on 2019, Tritonal has just released their third studio album U & Me on Enhanced Music.

Following up a string of hit singles from the duo such as “Little Bit of Love” with Rachel Platten, “U Found Me” and “Hard Pass,” their newest body of work serves as a seamless blend of traditional pop music and uplifting dance music for a whopping 19 track musical journey.

The title for our latest full-length album, U & ME – is a very simple pointer towards Unity & Love that we feel is inherent in life itself. Ultimately, we are all connected – in fact everything in the Universe is connected. Music allows us to express that connection through sound. There is so much inherent divisiveness in our culture today and we wanted to flip the “you vs me” or the “us vs them” dialogue on its head. “My Country”, “My Team”, “My Race”, “My Beliefs”, “My Social Group” – they all are ideologies people identify with to enhance their false sense of self and can be divisive instead of unifying. Through them, people make themselves “right” and others “wrong” and define their identity through their enemies, the “others”, the “non-believers” or “wrong believers”. This identification leads to suffering. Hopefully, our music can act as a light that shines upon one simple truth – Love.”– Chad & Dave aka Tritonal.

Check out Tritonal’s new album in full below.