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By Con Carney

From August 12-15 at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, N.J., the DJ Expo is poised to once again offer an abundance of seminars and educational opportunities for its attendees – mobile jocks, club DJs, music-makers and bedroom upstarts.

So, with the upcoming show in mind, let’s take a look back at Expo’s past and some of the valuable insights these seminars have provided, especially for the mobile entertainer.

In 2014, Mitch Taylor, a panelist for “MC Secrets Revealed,” offered some workable ideas for weddings. “At a ceremony, buck tradition and have the bride’s parents sit on the groom’s side of the aisle,” said the Michigan-based mobile. Seated this way, a parent can observe their child’s facial expressions during the ceremony.

Taylor also described a fun game called “What’s in Your Wallet?” that can be used to select the next table to visit the buffet. The premise is that the first person from a table to produce an item that the MC calls (e.g., “picture of Ben Franklin”) gets to eat. Finally, Taylor recommended wooden golf tees as the perfect tool to pin down a wedding runner on a windy day.

North Carolina’s Joe Bunn shared a harrowing tale from the field that stressed the importance of backup equipment. After arriving by boat to a remote island, his gear fell off the back of a golf cart into a puddle, and he was forced to rely on creative backup solutions. While performing at this wedding was awkward, the client never knew of the equipment issues until after the fact. The upshot? Joe strongly suggests putting lists of popular songs on one’s mobile phone.

In “The 5 Moves of DJs Who Dominate,” Charlotte, N.C.-based wedding marketing expert Rick Brewer made his debut at the DJ Expo. Brewer’s tips included:

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