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Marlboro, N.J. — Adam Hirschhorn is 35 now and has been in business as AJH Entertainment for 22 years. That’s not a typo.

“AJH Entertainment has been in business since 1997,” said Hirschhorn. “My father and I registered the company as DBA when I was 13-years old.”

Apparently, the entrepreneur bug bit early. “I loved the idea of working for myself,” he says, “and loved the idea that one day I would be able to hire employees who would work for me that shared the same passion for entertaining.”

As he recalls, Hirschhorn wanted to create a successful event company and be a big name in the mitzvah industry. “I would be in competition with the entertainment companies that entertained at the events I was going to when I was 13,” he says.

He DJed throughout elementary school, high school, and also college. After graduating Rowan University in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in education, he taught for a short while and decided it wasn’t for him. “I knew the entertainment business was my full-time career,” he says, “and I had to do this 100-percent.”

When Hirschhorn first started, he says that clients and industry folks didn’t take him seriously. “The competition wanted me to work for them and I refused,” he says. “The clients I met with often tried to take advantage of me by asking for lower pricing, since I wasn’t in business for a long time like my competition.”