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Following up a global summer smash such as “Body” is certainly no easy task but Loud Luxury look to be up to the task connecting with pop-sensation Bryce Vine for their latest hit.

Their latest offering is another colorful and infectious crossover that is ready to rock the radio airwaves with its country-esque vibe alongside Bryce’s breezy vocal offering.

Loud Luxury explains, “We met Bryce at a party in L.A. through a friend when we got back from our fall tour. The next day, he came over and showed us an idea he made that was just a guitar and the chorus. During our winter tour, we worked across North America in hotel rooms, studios, and even an Uber with our headphones to finish writing the song. At the end of the day, we are all human, we all make mistakes, but this song is about coming to terms with your flaws.”

Your party playlist wouldn’t be complete without this light-hearted tune so give this care-free gem by tapping that play button below.