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By Jordan St Jacques

George Costanza from TV’s “Seinfeld” said it best: “Why must there always be a problem?”

He could have been talking about anything in life, of course, but… for sure, his statement applies to the mobile-DJ industry.

Having been a DJ in a past life, I remember the challenges well. Undervalued and overworked, putting up with questions such as, “Johnny down the road will do my wedding for $500 – why are you more expensive?”; dealing with the expense of maintaining gear and vehicles; sacrificing time with family, etc. Add in all the new digital problems that have sprung up in the last 15 years – digital marketing, SEO, social media, email, website maintenance, etc. – it’s a wonder there aren’t dedicated DJ mental-health professionals out there already!

To help ease your burden on such challenges, this new series of “DJ digital marketing” articles will offer solutions in the digital realm, with the goal of saving you time and money – and increasing your bookings – so that you aren’t the first one to go looking online for a DJ mental health professional!

Who Is Jordan St Jacques?

By way of background, I am Jordan St Jacques from Ottawa, Canada. I spent 15 years as a mobile DJ operating out of the Toronto market, leaving that business in the early 2000s to move into promotions.

In 2004, I was one of the first people in the world to build a MySpace profile over 1,000,000 friends and use it to drive attendance to concerts and clubnights, eventually becoming the biggest “Teen Night” promoter in the world, with monthly nights in operation in 24 cities at one time or another. I left the entertainment industry for good in 2013 and have been full-time in digital marketing and tech since then.

Most relevant, I’ve been the speaker on all things digital marketing for the DJ Expo since 2017. What’s enjoyable for me personally in being a speaker for the DJ Expo is seeing old friends, having a nice week away from home in Atlantic City, and most of all, imparting digital-marketing tips and tricks to mobile DJs to help them along the way.

This most recent year, though, one of my seminar attendees came up to me after the session was over to express how much he enjoyed my talks (which I like), but that he wished he could be receiving more knowledge along these lines throughout the year (which is a problem, of course).

Our goal in these articles is to solve exactly that problem, to be able to offer help to the DJ Times’ audience throughout the year, in addition to the great value provided every year at the DJ Expo itself. Over the coming months, we’ll address topics including websites, SEO, social media, email marketing and native mobile apps – the big five pillars of digital marketing.

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