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While progressive house fans are still soaking up his recent single “Buzzing,” Audien has revealed the final single off his forthcoming debut album, Escapism.

Coming as quite the curveball, “Reach” is a high-octane drum & bass beauty featuring an airy vocal offering from fellow Grammy-nominee Jamie Hartman.

While he may have switched up the tempo on this one, he stays true to his light-hearted and uplifting style of production which is sure to make this an immediate fan favorite.

“Sometimes when you write music, or work on a song, the personal meaning is unclear in the early stages, but the meaning comes to life as you near the end of the process. Reach, lyrically and emotionally is a clear representation of what I’m going through right now in my life. It’s a tough, transitional time, and I find myself reaching for something that I know is not right, or something my heart wants, but my mind doesn’t. Time will always heal pain, I’m just now embarking on the healing process and this song has helped me rationalize it all,” Audien explains.

Take a listen to this emotive masterpiece below.

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