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It’s official, Denon DJ has announced that it has released Serato controller-mode support for their PRIME 4 and also their SC5000M media player.

This ground-breaking news means PRIME 4 users to put away the laptop now being able to browse, navigate, and load with the HD touchscreen interface.

As for the SC5000M, the controller-mode feature includes legacy-vinyl based, hands-on control of Serato DJ Pro, again with touchscreen library navigation, deck selection and more!

“Since its launch and critical acclaim by the DJ media, industry, and end-users alike, the PRIME 4 has secured its No.1 position as the most significant standalone DJ technology released this decade,” said Paul Dakeyne, Creative Director for Denon DJ.

He continued, “Now with the Serato control support added, PRIME 4 doubles-up to not only being the most advanced and powerful DJ console available but the most versatile, feature-rich and now ultimate 4-channel controller for the DJ world’s most popular laptop software, Serato DJ Pro. Add the SC5000M Serato support into the mix, and vinyl lovers and DJ/Turntablists can get equally excited!”

Serato DJ Pro controller mode requires firmware updates PRIME 4: v1.3.3 and SC5000M: v1.3.2.

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Serato DJ Pro X PRIME 4 Overview:

Serato DJ Pro X SC5000M Overview:

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