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Certainly, one who made his presence felt throughout the summer, Minesweepa looks to do the same next weekend at EDC Orlando.

Fresh off the release of his single “Periodt,” we caught up with the experimental bass enthusiast to see what tracks he’s been rinsing out as out late.

Check out his five favorite weapons below, and be sure to catch him next Friday at circuitGROUNDS!

EPROM – Regis Chillbin

“I love playing this one because its always a wild card that nobody expects! It always gets a reaction and its really fun to throw something off the wall at the crowd.”


“Do I really need a reason? [laughs] The crowd reaction is priceless!”

Minesweepa – Portland

“This is one with fast, fast, fast energy. I love seeing the crowd get hyper and this one is my secret weapon to make them sweat.”

Benda – Locked N’ Loaded

“If you ever want to see a moshpit form without even needing to ask, this is the song you play. I have seen violence to this song…..this one is a major staple in my set.”

VIRTUAL SELF – Ghost Voices (Moore Kismet Reboot)

“Easily one of my favorite songs of all time. This song is emotional but also banging……like a moshpit of crying emo kids.”

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