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Electronic music-based nonprofit Give a Beat launched a year-long Prison Electronic Music Program in two California correctional facilities that will run through June 2020.

As part of a contract awarded by California Arts Council’s Arts in Corrections (AIC) program, the goal is to focus on the fundamentals of DJing and beat production allowing students to develop their own sound expressions and technical awareness while also learning business development and music history. It is Give a Beat’s most expansive and long-term music production offering/course to date.

These programs are being led by passionate DJs and music producers with the course is being taught at California City Correctional Facility (CAC) and Kern Valley State Prison (KVSP).

“Give a Beat’s use of electronic music to transform the lives and well-being of youth and adults who experience incarceration is an energizing addition to the Arts in Corrections program,” said Anne Bown-Crawford, Executive Director, California Arts Council. “Their work continues to shift the cultural narrative and perception of those experiencing incarceration in many California communities.”

The Prison Electronic Music Program is an introductory course touching on all aspects of DJing and/or music and beat production. The program’s curriculum focuses on basic technical skills, business development, electronic music history (hip-hop, house, techno and Jamaican dub) and empowerment through freedom of expression.

“We believe that mass incarceration requires a call to action from every sector and community,” states Lauren Segal, Founder, Give a Beat. “This is not one of those abstract issues that are too big, too far away to do something about. There are a plethora of meaningful ways to get involved that can make a world of difference – from proactively hiring one person with a felony conviction to advocating for large-scale policy change and everything in between. Give a Beat is doing our part with our niche industry and unique community.”

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