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Bridal shows are often referred to as “Cattle Calls.” Most wedding vendors seem to think that this is because brides are herded around the aisles at the show. But KC Kokoruz believes it’s because vendors fail to treat wedding couples as people and simply see them as cattle — or dollar signs.

“Too many DJs hand out a flyer that says, “BOOK ME IN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS AND SAVE $900,” he says. “Just because you are ready to sell your services to a wedding couple doesn’t mean that they are ready to buy from you. They may have just gotten engaged and they’ll solidify their ceremony and reception venue first.”

bridal shows djWe asked KC why some DJ companies succeed at bridal shows while others crash and burn. “The ones that crush it understand that a bridal show is the beginning of the marketing/sales process — not the end,” he said.

He says that your opening statement to a wedding couple at your booth shouldn’t be “What’s your wedding date?’ or “Do you still need a DJ?”

“Ask them if they are enjoying the show,” KC said. “Ask them about their wedding planning. Ask them open ended questions that allows them to do the talking.”

mobile dj bridal showsAnd then there’s the physical set-up of your booth — that, too, should be equally inviting. KC recommends the following:

  1. Never position the provided table as a barrier between you and the attendees. Push it to the back of the booth if you want to display your DJ equipment.
  2. I am a huge fan of using high-boy tables in bridal show booths because they are so social and inviting.
  3. Add a bowl of Hershey kisses to the center of the table and people will naturally gravitate toward you (who doesn’t love chocolate?).
  4. If you play music, it should never be so loud that it prevents your staff or the neighboring vendors from having meaningful conversations with couples.
  5. By using forms in your booth that ask the correct questions, you can determine the wedding couple’s stage of planning, the type of wedding they want, the number of guests, etc.
  6. Take notes during their time with you so that when you follow up, you’re doing so with a warm lead — not a cold one.

KC says that Maya Angelou had the most elegant way of summarizing customer service: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,” she said.

“If mined correctly,” KC said, “a crowded bridal show can bring a wedding DJ a return on their investment of at least 10x.”

KC Kokoruz is the owner of The Keith Christopher Entertainment Group and founder of the MarqueeShow