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For nearly a decade at DJ Expo in Atlantic City, N.J., the “All-Star MC Secrets” seminar, helmed by Steve Moody of the Entertainment Connection in Easton, Md., provided attendees with high-level information that can up the game of every DJ. It taught everybody that commanding a room is an acquired skill that requires careful planning, training and practice.

Although the session skipped this past DJ Expo, we can relive in the pages of the magazine some of the seminar’s “greatest hits.” Here they are:

Jack Bermeo of LJ Productions in Belleville, N.J., spoke about the importance of style, both in terms of having a unique personality and a strong sense of fashion. At sales consultations, Bermeo recommends taking more risks and dressing like an entertainer – V-neck sweaters and pocket silks help him to stand out. At weddings, he wears a suit of exceptional quality to stand out from the guests, and to further differentiate himself, he also uses his unique sense of humor at sales consultations and performances.

Dominic Sestito of Elite Entertainment in Tinton Falls, N.J., spoke about the importance of being a confident leader who inspires guests. While sincerity, good voice inflection and confidence are critical, Sestito advised MCs to smile, be themselves and to never scream into the microphone to create energy. Commanding a room, he says, is a skill that can be acquired with practice and does not require great looks – as the example of Mick Jagger attests.

Sean “Big Daddy” McKee of Ridgefield, Conn., has been saying “Smile as Loud as You Can” like it’s on permanent repeat. He reminds us that celebrations are not about us, but about our clients and giving them 100-percent! Specific wedding-performance techniques used by “Big Daddy” to create “energy and love” are: 1) packing the dancefloor with a high-energy set prior to the grand entrance, and 2) after the first course, having guests at each table stand and join hands, and then mobilizing these guests to the dancefloor.

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