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Looking to make a lasting first impression on the eve of Anjunabeats‘ 20th anniversary, 3LAU has made his debut on the esteemed imprint. Leaving the Anjuna community buzzing following the announcement of the release, his highly-anticipated single “Tokyo” is finally here.

Cut from the cloth of the rest of the label’s ever-growing discography; 3LAU’s newest offering is a simply stunning piece of production featuring spirited vocals from XIRA.

“Over the past 9 years that I’ve been touring, Tokyo has become my favorite city to visit. It somehow manages to balance deep historic culture with futurism, modern architecture, and efficiency,” explains 3LAU.

“I wanted this song to capture the essence of a night in Tokyo, and what it feels like to be both enchanted by and lost in an unfamiliar place. I’m especially excited to be releasing Tokyo on Anjuna, as I’ve been a fan of Above & Beyond and many other Anjuna artists like Lane 8 & Audien for quite some time. This song is definitely the perfect entry point for me to join the Anjuna fam.”

Take a listen to this uplifting tune below.

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