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Allegra All About Us Phase 2

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All About Us (Remixes)
All About Us (Cristian Poow Club Mix)
All About Us (Giuseppe D. Remix)
All About Us (KC Anderson Remix)

Radikal Records

“All About Us” is, at its core, a song about two people who overcome adversity and realize that they belong together. It’s a song about negotiating distractions and prioritizing what is important – a sentiment that we could all learn from.

Starting simply with some sweeping synths the track is soon taken up a notch by the inclusion of Allegra’s powerful and yet controlled vocals. ‘I’m all about you // one hundred percent you is my truth… yeah’, she sings in her characteristically emotive tone. She writes her own material, a rarity for such young talent, which results in tracks that are honest, and performances that are real and raw.

The song continues to build until we reach the climax; a commanding chorus that showcases the real power of this young artist. Allegra, like many of the artists that she admires (Beyoncé, Arianna Grande, etc.), knows her own mind and is intent on releasing tracks with meaning and purpose that are particular to her.

It was at the age 14 that Allegra, and those around her, realized how serious her singer-songwriter ambitions were. She has spent the last two years honing her craft and she is now ready to showcase her fresh new sound.

She was in the studio for three days laying down the track alongside pop Svengali Chris Herbert (who masterminded the Spice Girls), and the strength of the single has attracted some of the hottest names from the world of dance music to remix the single.

Allegra’s relationship with music started when she began to play the violin at just 5 years old, she then learned to play the Piano and it is this musicality that sets her apart from the crowd. Her ability to create and write her own music ensures that the tracks are authentic and true to her, and document her lived experiences.

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