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It is certainly no secret that Tiësto has evolved over the years since dominating the electronic music scene as a true trance titan, and his newest single is a prime example of that.

With no genres being off-limits when it comes to his production as of late, Dutch legend adds another gem to his evergrowing discography with his stunning, radio-ready gem “Blue” featuring Stevie Appleton.

His new single “Blue” is a melodic, tropical-tinged masterpiece that is primed to dominate the airwaves.

“I wanted to end the year with a track that is a different vibe for me – the exploration of different sounds and styles is what keeps things fresh and energizing for me as an artist. 2019 has been a year of experimentation with different artists and across various sounds, styles, and genres, which I plan to continue into 2020. ‘BLUE’ is the perfect way to cap off an incredible decade, and I’m really excited to share a new song that I really love, ahead of the holidays,” said Tiësto.

Take a listen to Tiësto’s new single below.

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