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Unless you started your DJ career working for a polished-up multi-op, we’ve all had embarrassing DJ setups — you have to start somewhere.

But what if there was a place where DJs could share tips and insights for improving a mobile DJ’s setup?

It could help mobile DJs clean their act up and help lessen the stigma that exists among the public of the low-rent DJ.”

That’s why Bob Teagarden started Bad DJ Setups on Facebook five years ago. Creating what some call a “troll” group can appear harsh, but it’s helped thousands improve their image and service provided as a mobile DJ.

And now, in curated form, we’ll be appearing in DJ Times every month.


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Jason Walters Why not! More money. I have had many try to order drinks at the booth over the years! 2 pina colada’s coming right up. And for you guys —  one bourbon, one scotch, and one beer!

Steve DjCollision Seegers: But for real. You’ll make more money if you do your job well. Goes for bartenders and DJs. Now the guests will suffer and have to deal with bad DJing and bartending.

Terry Luty: The “All in One” party package. Maybe a bit of balloon modelling and face painting on the side too…

DJ Herbie: Trying to be different. It’s another edge. I’ve seen a singing dj too. As long as the people like it, why not. The set-up must be worked at though.

Steve DjCollision Seegers: I doubt people really like it. I’m sure a bartender would be faster if not trying to DJ. Bartenders are supposed to tend the bar. I’m sure the music would be better if the DJ focused on music. I also wouldn’t want drinks around my equipment. Would you? Also, speakers right by the bar would result in no one being able to hear anything when ordering.

Adam Ploessl: There was [a DJ] near me that offered food, beverage service, photo, video and DJ. The DJ worked the carving station during dinner.

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Jason Patrick: He’s never heard of cable management.

Peter Nielsen: Blind them with light so no one can see the DJ 😂 (I really dislike setups where the light comes from the DJ booth like this).

dj setup

Canute J. Chiverton: Would love to see pics of the whole room. Why a corner setup? The problem with this here is that there are two different types of boundary material. One absorbs the other reflects. Music would not be acoustically balanced.

Tommy Hamkens: Really? This isn’t a recording studio and at the SPL he’ll most likely be playing at, that boundary material is a moot point. 

Sean Cunningham: I’ll make this simple for those who don’t understand simple audio science: parallel surfaces reflect to the source, causing distortion.

Jesse James: I like the floor mats to hide the cables. Looks better than gaff and a lot faster to deploy.

Marques Vidad: Nice use of the pars on the gig bars. Washes the ceiling nice. But this is not a bad setup — c’mon man lol.

Mickey Giuseppe III: I always put the lights off to the side or in front of my DJ setup so the dance floor is all lighted up — no one cares to watch the DJ change colors! 

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