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On Day 2 at NAMM Show 2020 we saw something for everyone in the DJ world – club, mobile and studio. A full day of trekking thru the Anaheim Convention Center revealed to DJ Times a few more innovative items that should make some impact on the market.

From the inMusic booth, Denon DJ had several new offerings, including its latest media player, the suitably hyped SC6000 PRIME, and a new matching mixer, the X1850 PRIME. On the integrated controller front, both the ultra-portable PRIME GO and PRIME 2 are new entries that create a feature-tiered controller family under the PRIME umbrella that use a common embedded software system (Engine Prime) to do their magic.

Denon DJ prime go

For mobile jocks, Yahama showed the new STAGEPAS 1K, a portable all-in-one, column, PA system with a line array over a subwoofer, with easy set-up, 1,000 watts of power, and a built-in mixer with app-based control.

Also, Electro-Voice debuted the 1,000-watt EVOLVE 30M portable line-array speaker system. When we talked to E-V they told us the piece isn’t really aimed for DJs — it’s for traditional musicians (café guitar players, etc). But with a built-in mixer, many DJs believe its portability might be suited as a ceremony speaker — although it’s not battery-powered. We’ll see.

name show 2020 EV30M
Compact Column: Electro-Voice’s EVOLVE 30M.

In-ear monitor maker Ultimate Ears showed an improved version of its CSX System, which provides an innovative, guided fitting process that lets you make ear impressions at home, which are then used to manufacture its popular custom IEMs — all without a visit to an audiologist.

And finally, for music-makers, the UK’s Vochlea Music demonstrated Dubler – after a successful Kickstarter campaign got the product started. Dubler Studio Kit lets you lay-down MIDI drum and melodic tracks using your voice, in real-time — perfect for those who have musical ideas in their heads, but may not have the keyboard skills to capture and express them.

As for educational sessions, “The Future of Audio Development: Understanding Your Mind on Music” was interesting: Neuroscientists talked about how how music creates a chemical reaction in the brain — good to know if you’re curious as to what makes your dancefloor move.