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After closing out the year with the first wave of tracks off his forthcoming three-part album 444 giving listeners a lethal dose of acid techno, i_o opens 2020 with this latest 4-track offering, “NRG 444.”

His latest offering gives away quite the hint for what’s to come in the title with NRG is colloquially used as an abbreviation for energy. Delivering a more uptempo and aggressive brand of thumping techno, these are the type of tracks to ignite dancefloors at the peak hours of the night sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

With one chapter left in this relentless saga, only time will tell how this rollercoaster ride experience will end.

Check out i_o‘s “NRG 444” below if you’re looking to power through the middle of the week with some blistering techno beats.

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