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Off to one of the hottest one could possibly have as a producer, Mat Zo‘s hot streak continues following the release of “Blessed Be Thy Name” and his recent return to Anjunabeats to deliver “The Next Chapter” with an uplifting remix of Moon Boots’ “Tied Up.”

Coming as an official remix, Mat Zo picks up the tempo of the soulful original showcasing his production prowess serving up an infectious and funky rendition of the tune while working wonders around Steven Klavier’s soaring vocals making for quite the dancefloor filler.

“Mat Zo is a very gifted & versatile producer in his own right and he takes the energy up to 11 with some really bananas sound design along the way,” Moon Boots explained.

Bouncing between drum ‘n’ bass, trance and now venturing into the world of funk, this British talent seems to be back with a vengeance proving he’s a versatile as they come every step of the way.

Take a listen to Mat Zo’s colorful rendition of Moon Boots’ “Tied Up” below.

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