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What’s been rumored since last year has finally happened. KKR Investment — the Japanese firm whose portfolio includes dozens of businesses including Lyft and Ultimate Fighting Championship — has sold its shares of Pioneer DJ’s parent company AlphaTheta to Noritsu, a 60-year-old manufacturer of photo finishing and nursing-care equipment.

The press release on the Pioneer DJ website says nothing will be affected.

pioneer dj sold

Will Pioneer DJ change? Not likely. It’s number one in the global market in a growing industry. R&D is a long-term play in the DJ industry, and Noritsu is a diversified company, so it’d be unusual for any radical changes to occur — at least for now.

Noritsu’s management philosophy, as expressed on its website, is about “creating new values that will change society through the power of manufacturing.”

Here are some corporate videos from Noritsu:

Here’s a snapshot of Noritsu’s history — inkjet printers and medical machinery.

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