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Still buzzing off the release of the critically acclaimed sophomore album zer0 while the beloved Krew has it in heavy rotation soaking up all the lyrics ahead of the sister’s upcoming tour, Krewella has just unleashed the first official remix package of their newest body of work!

Known for being quite the bass enthusiasts themselves no matter what genre it may be, they’ve called on a handful of producers that have caught their attention to work the magic on a few singles bumping new life into zer0.

With no genres being off-limits in the monstrous package, we now see “Like We” enter to realm of drum ‘n’ bass thanks to Reaper, Lit Lords delivering a bone-rattling trap rendition of “Ghost,” MOTi turning “Good On You” into a house hit with MADGRRL and Slippy getting in on the action too! Safe to say there’s a little something for everyone in this bad boy.

“We put together this remix package of some songs from our album ‘zer0,’ featuring some of our favorite DJs/producers. The original music by most of these artists featured we support in our DJ sets because their sounds crush it in the club. We love hearing how other artists interpret and re-imagine our songs, so we’re honored that our stems went into solid hands,” said Krewella.

Get the party started this weekend with these epic remixes below.

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