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To most in the electronic dance scene, ShYbeast is viewed as a fresh face in the scene, however, he is quite in tune with the music industry. shYbeast is actually the alias of the electronic-aggressive rock star Devin Oliver of I See Stars and has been doing his thing since 2010.

Making his debut in the dance scene back in 2017 with his collaboration with Kayzo titled “Follow You,” shYbeast has since shared the studio with bass heavyweights such as Sullivan King, Crankdat, Marshmello and more.

Since he is one of the new kids on the block with the launch of his new project, DJ Times recently took the time to chat with the Detriot native where he shared the tracks that introduced him to the world of electronic dance music and I guess you could say the rest is history.

Check out shYbeast’s list of tracks and his latest single “Will Your Heart Have Room” below.

RÜFÜS Du Sol – Innerbloom: “This track was an absolute game-changer for me. It embodies everything I love about house music with all of these interesting warm analog colors. It has a melody that keeps you locked in for the entire 9 & a half minute song with a MASSIVE payoff at the end. “If you want me if you need me I’m yours” is probably one of my favorite moments in a RÜFÜS Du Sol song or any electronic song for that matter.”

Stranger (Skrillex Remix with Tennyson & White Sea): “This song demonstrates perfectly how tasteful you can be in knowing that in electronic music less can be more effective. These days everything is so in your face & fat. This song dials it back & makes you want to cry. I love it. Skrillex, in general, was a massive influence. Watching someone come from such an iconic rock band “From First To Last” & completely reintroduce himself to the world was very inspiring.”

Porter Robinson – Sad Machine: “I have to be honest it was very difficult picking only one song from his “Worlds” album. Being in a rock band I love an album that tells a story & man this dude knows how to paint a picture. I caught his set live at Coachella a few years back & it absolutely blew my mind.”

NERO – Satisfy: “I remember hearing this song for the very first time. The grimy bass synth lead was a huge inspiration for songs like “no 1 else.” The entire record “Between II Worlds” I blasted for an entire year. Hands down one of my all-time favorites.”

Flume – Wall Fuck: “I absolutely love the dark nature of this song. I think dark, melodic, chaotic is my favorite blend in any song from any genre.”

ODESZA ft. Madelyn Grant – Sun Models: “I think ODESZA to me really opened my mind to a more organic sound in electronic music. It’s hard not to throw them in this mix a few times because “In Return” was a game-changer for me.”

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