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Fresh off the release of their sultry new single “Quick and Dirty,” the French duo that is Amine Edge & DANCE have decided to celebrate the occasion by taking a quick trip down memory lane.

No strangers to lighting up the festival and club circuits (when the world isn’t practicing social isolation), these two have taken the time to return to their roots showcasing the sounds the influence them most as producers

“This small playlist represents some of the tracks that influenced the Amine Edge & DANCE sound in early 2011/2012, and until this day these tracks bring a lot of memories. They are all amazing even today!” Amine Edge & DANCE explain.

Dive right into the exclusive playlist of timeless tunes below!

Puente & Rosch – This Feeling: “Miguel Puente & Sishi Rosch were responsible for some major funky, but dark House tune back in 2012. We love them so much! “This Feeling” is, for us, the most incredible track in this genre realm.”

Lazaro Casanova – Morning Confession: “This track always works on any dancefloor. iI’s a UFO—there no track like this one. It’s house with a kind of new wave touch to it, and has had a very big impact on us. We’ve met Lazaro a few times and have told him that.”

Lula Circus – She Loves Me: “Lula Circus, alongside Puente & Rosch, MANIK, etc… were the people whose releases we always waited for and were very excited about. Always incredible and quality.”

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