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After closing out 2019 with a blistering remix of Holly’s “Strip Money,” the trap icon that is Baauer looks to make a lasting impression on the new year officially announcing the release of his new album, Planet’s Mad.

Coming as what will be his sophomore album serving as the follow up to his critically acclaimed debut Aa, the New York native gives the world a taste of what’s to come unveiling two singles off his forthcoming LP.

The first single “Planet’s Mad” begins the story of the album while “Magic” is more of an intense and chaotic production, unlike anything we’ve heard from him before.

Conceived within a movie-like plot of a new world appearing above Earth, a vision executed in the new video, ‘Planet’s Mad’ takes us through countless micro-genres where we’re exposed to the sound of alien creatures, children, news forecasts, burps and cosmic atmospherics – all whipped up into this uniquely maximalist dance record.

Stream the first two singles off Baauer’s upcoming album Planet’s Mad below.

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