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As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to sweep the globe, CULT for GOOD Project is working to protect one of the country’s homeless community while also providing relief for the entertainment industry.

Officially launched last week by internet-satirist-superstar-turned-rapper Elijah Daniel who would later reach out to music manager Jen Stein, who was already working on her own Coronavirus response plan.

CULT for GOOD has already distributed nearly 100,000 care packages across Los Angeles consisting of Coronavirus-specific supplies like bars of soap, masks, hand-sanitizing wipes, and fever reducers, as well as general donations of water, food, toothbrushes and menstrual hygiene products.

The organization is also supporting the entertainment industry by using monetary donations to purchase overstocked supplies from venues that have been shut down, then distributing them as part of the care packages.

“This started as something small, for Los Angeles, with one mission, to protect everyone,” Elijah Daniel said.

“And the response from everyone has been so incredible that it’s shocking, seeing so many people step up, and selflessly want to help others is such a relief from everything bad in the world right now. And because of them, we are able to continue that mission, but for all of America. People over politics. People over profit. Protect everyone.”

CULT for GOOD Project has locked in major corporate partners including Enterprise Rent-A-Truck and U-Haul, who provided CULT Relief Trucks, as well as DUDEWipes, who helped to distribute thousands of free wipes to at-risk and quarantined people.

The next phase of CULT for GOOD Project will be tapping touring professionals to help activate, coordinate, and mobilize CULT Relief Trucks in their respective states.

CULT Relief Trucks will be dispatched in San Diego, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle this week. To find out more information and to donate directly, visit

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