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With all the rescheduling that’s going on in the DJ world, new questions emerge related to DJ insurance and subcontracting.

Fortunately we’ve got Dale Wittick, owner at PEEP Insurance, performing entertainers & event professionals in Collegeville, PA, to offer sage advice.

Question: With so many weddings being rescheduled, several single-op DJs in my area have come together to make sure that we cover each other’s reschedule dates if the original DJ is not available. One of these other DJs just contacted me regarding a reschedule that he is not able to cover. He wants to keep his contract with the bride and groom and subcontract me to DJ the wedding. The original DJ is still going to provide uplighting for the event.

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Would I still be covered by my insurance at this event if the contract is still in his name? Would I need a contract with the original DJ to show that I’m being subcontracted? Just wanting to make sure that we’re doing this correctly and that we’re both protected just in case something should happen.

Dale Wittick: Great question. When you accept to subcontract a job, you do not have coverage through the insurance policy of the DJ that is hiring you to do the job. You are a sub-contractor (1099 payment) not an employee (W-2 payment). You have coverage for doing a subcontracted job through your own policy. That covers jobs in which your name is on the contract and coverage for you for gigs you do.

The company name on the contract needs to also have insurance, so if the sub-contractor they hire creates a claim, their insurance will defend them. Both entities will need their own insurance because the injured party’s lawyer will sue the property owner, the contracted DJ business named on the contract, and performing DJ that created the claim.

It is great you are all working together to support one another. Please feel free to share this information with everyone in your group so all know who is and who is not insured.

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