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Mike Wieder has been driving through neighborhoods in his SUV and playing music and blasting bubbles, going slowly so people can enjoy it while practicing social distancing.

And these communities have invited him to do drivebys for birthday parades.

He won’t charge. Not in these times.

But bubble parties are one way DJs can navigate the post-lockdown. Wieder, owner of Ultimate Sounds, has been doing bubble parties for a couple years.

We asked him about it.

What’s the idea behind bubble parties and how did you get started?

Mike Wieder: In our industry there are 2 untapped markets that most DJs/Entertainers ignore and that’s preschools and nursing homes/assisted living centers. Two years ago while at a convention I ran into Rob Peters and Ray Martinez (of a music and soap bubble program for ages 2.5 – 8 years of age) and they thought it would be something that I’d be interested in and good at. My first thought was that I have no interest in dealing with preschoolers. I agreed to sit in on their seminar and after hearing and seeing what it was about I thought to myself that there’s money to be made and I decided to join on as a bubble party provider in my home state of NJ. The idea of preschoolers dancing, popping and playing with bubbles and most importantly smiling made me smile and my adventure began.

What equipment is involved and how much $ did you outlay?

In my first 2 years the equipment I used was mostly consumer grade products that are available on Amazon, Walmart, Dollar Tree etc. I purchased an assortment of bubble wands, a couple of American DJ bubble machines and a Bose SP1 and raided Five Below of all their bubble solution. In my first season I invested approximately $1500. As well as my consumer-grade equipment worked out for me, I wanted to separate myself from those thinking that they could do the same thing so I made an investment in myself. As I’m entering my 3rd year I’ve stepped up my game and invested in professional wands and props as well as professional grade bubble solution for our bubble dance parties, bubble shows and workshops.

How do you sell it?

It really sells itself. The first thing I did was take pictures of my great nephew and niece playing with bubbles. Next thing was to create a name with a logo and some fliers explaining what I do. Then I had to do my due diligence and search for all the preschools, early learning centers and daycares in NJ and using constant contact sent out a few hundred emails. Based on the uniqueness of what I do the phones starting ringing almost immediately. Based on the response, I would send out emails monthly and continue to have a great response. In my first year as a bubble provider I did 20 bubble dance parties and in my second year it jumped up to 90. This year is different obviously but when the virus scare ends I’m looking to do even more. Because of the popularity of the bubble dance parties (outdoors) I’ve added indoor bubble shows (making it year round), bubble workshops and now our sensory bubble blast for seniors and those with special needs.

It seems like solid weekday work, yes?

Most definitely, from the third week of May to the last week of August just about every weekday is filled with 1-4 bubble events. There are bubble events throughout the year, but by far and away the summer is the busiest time. The best part of it all is it doesn’t interfere with my weekend schedule of weddings etc.

How does it work? How do you incorporate bubbles into the presentation?

For a typical preschool show the children are greeted by thousands of bubbles as they enter their play area accompanied by kid friendly music. After that it’s a combination of interactive activities mixed with bubbles. We’re doing limbo, hula hoops, make your own bubble wands and more. A Bubble dance party is normally 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Our bubble show is an indoor activity where bubble tricks (smoke bubbles, bubbles in bubbles, bubble sculptures and kids in bubbles) are done before an audience). Our bubble workshop is a hands on program where the children are taught how to do some bubble tricks, make their own bubble wands etc. Our newest option is our sensory bubble blast. This is a visual and tactile experience for seniors and those with special needs.

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