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Looking to make a splash leading into the new season of EPIC Radio after delivering his latest episode, Eric Prydz has surprised fans with the release of his highly coveted rendition of his single, “The Gift.”

After a fan took to Twitter asking Prydz if it would ever be released to the public back in 2007, the Swedish talent stayed true to his word uploading the high-anticipated mix of “The Gift” with their social media interaction receiving a whopping 2,000 likes three years later.

“I’ve been waiting for the right time to give this track away for free. I promised to do that probably a few years ago actually, but I just wanted to wait for the right time. And I just feel that now when we’re all home at sitting on lockdown everyone needs a gift,” Prydz explains.

Grab your free download of his Prydz’ high-octane EPIC mix below.

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